Infinite Word Search Puzzles App Reviews

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Great,fun app,except ads

I am addicted to this game! Just hate how the ads pop up between games, kinda off putting.


Great puzzles. Lots of fun


Every time I open the app it closes. I tried to delete and reinstall but it still doesnt work

High hopes

Unfortunately i cannot comment on the game itself as it will stay stay open. I have uninstalled and re-installed and yet it continues to crash upon opening, again and again

Cant listen to music?

It stops my music when I open the app. Really? Didnt even play cuz thats an instant delete the app thing there.

Really good wordsearch

I like word-searches to begin with. This one, with themes, is fun and a bit more challenging than most.

Love love love it

Best word search game ever ❤️

Opponents are fake

App crashes and shuts off my music!

I really enjoy the competitive aspect of this game. Word Search is not all that challenging on its own, but the matches and the timed games make it fun. Unfortunately, the app crashes the first few times I try to open it. I havent tested this, but I think it only happens and when I am not connected to Wi-Fi. It seemed to crash until the Game Center banner comes up. But since this last update it keeps crashing no matter what. Also, I hate apps, particularly game apps, that wont let me listen to music or podcasts while playing. The sound on your app is not essential to its use (and really, that my callnot yours) so stop turning my music off!! I thought this update would at least fix the crash issue but nothing has changed. I would give it a lower rating.

Facebook wont connect

It asks me for permission and then just stops doing anything. The whole reason I got this game was to play with friends. Disappointing.

For the love of word searches

If you love word searches then this is the game for you. When I was younger I use to time myself to see how long it took me and to challenge myself. Now as an adult its all right here for me. Love that I can play against people too!


Love this game. The only problem I have is how to play friends. I can click on my friends name but we can never connect. The random opponent feature is great! Fast paced game. Love it!


I just had an ad on best fiends that was taking about this game I havent played it yet but it sounds VERY in retesting and good!!!

The "remove ads" feature does not help.

So I spent the money to remove the ads, yet not all ads are removed. When playing the timed progress, I am forced to sit through 30 second ads in order to get additional time. Also, removing the ads simply blanks out the bottom ad panel rather than providing more space for the words in the puzzle. If you choose not to pay the money and remove the ads, the advertisements are so intrusive as to make the game unplayable. I am deleting this app and will look for another.

Love it!

This game starts easy and ends up very challenging. I love it!

Different levels

Love word search games the only fault I find with this game is not enough categories available for those that do not like to play online with others should be able to switch levels or have more categories for them to advance on to when they have completed all that is available.

Online and face,book friends

Online is good in regards to getting someone to play with, you dont have to Weight too long; For the single player on the progress I would like to see some improvement to that,as it stands it only go up to thirty level,in the near future I would also like to see tournament added to this, so far it is and excellent game.

Facebook problems

Ive tried to play it with friends from Facebook and its not allowing me to login to Facebook. Ive deleted it and downloaded it again and its still giving me problems.

Great game, but a few ideas and options

This is an amazing game...who wouldve thought you could solve a word search with other people?! I have a few suggestions. First of all, I would like the option to create an account through the site, not just Facebook. With this, you could create a username with which you could play against a certain username and/or be "friends" with that person and see each others stats, etc.. Not everybody has a Facebook so I would like for the majority of people to not show up as "Guest" and to actually represent themselves, as a person. Thank you!


Worked really well at first. But now cant even play because it crashes all the time as soon as I open it. So annoying. Fix it fast!!!!

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