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Great App, Challenging hours of fun & spelling, many titles, playing every time I get a break, please don’t end...


Bruh I don’t wanna play infinite, I want to replay in progression so I can play w/ friends. It’s unrealistic to expect me to tell my friend to download the app and play through 29 levels just so we can see who beats 30 fastest

Fun but.....

This is a fun game but it locks up and the clock keeps running so you use all your highlighters to get back into the game.

Still Force Quitting😒

Nothing has changed after today’s update. I’m still experiencing force quits. Some happen after a couple challenges. Not even 5 minutes on the game.😪

Only Facebook??

I d paid for the add free version so I could play against my 10 year old grandson. He doesn't have Facebook and I don't want him to have Facebook. Why can I not play against him without Facebook???

Fun app

This app is great and just what I need when listening to my audiobooks!

Ads ads ads!!!!!!

All the time it's stupid ads. Don't bother playing against other people I'm level 3 because I just started and everyone I play against is 100+. I can't get more than one word per match

More subject opportunities

Would love more subjects.

Word search

I like this game very much. I play the one that challenges you and it really keeps you alert while trying to find the words. I would definitely recommend this game to quicken your memory and wake you. NLJ


Love this game!

Love it

Great game


buy this app and continue to put ads, I pay to avoid this and there is no way to avoid it

Great game but.....

I love this game, but when you do the quick match, it normally puts you against someone who is way better or worse than you. The other day I was at level 12, and they put me against a level 167!!! Other than that, I really enjoy playing the crosswords, and maybe some of them need a little bit more time on them because I hate having to watch videos to get more rime.Everything else is great!

like the game but the online leader boards are wacked

game is great but the online leader board is wacked. there are users with over a billion wins. If the game is 5 years old, a user would have to win 547,945 games a day or 273,972 games a day if it was 10 years old. doubt it. just shows there must be bots.


Infinite meaning: endless, subject to no limitations. Infinite word search that’s the name of this word search puzzle. Yes there are a lot of puzzles, but the content of each puzzle is a major disappointment. There is no reason for for the content in any puzzle to repeat the same words over and over and over again. What is the interest or fun in doing a word search puzzle when the words repeat. I would like to make a suggestion. Sit down with an encyclopedia of all your categories and you’ll find that you can come up with a more exciting word search puzzle that encompasses more than just the same few words. Or maybe rename this puzzle; call it Repeat Word Search. Three stars instead of five. Reason already stated.

Fun game

I like that they get harder as you beat the levels. It keeps me on my toes.

Almost a 5

I almost gave this game a 5. I don’t use the highlighter hint thing unless I accidentally tap it. My issue is when I play the game on Facebook. One issue is the fact that it now lets me play one game b4 it either keeps me on the puzzle without giving me the option to rematch or challenge someone else or it will give me those options and someone will rematch me but when it goes to the game I can’t click on the board to win the words. I just noticed all of this this week so I am hoping someone checks all of that out. Otherwise the app version is great. I have no issues with it.

Word Search

I love this game I love how it challenges you with timed puzzles and also so many categories to choose from.


I love the rewards you can receive.

Fun Game!

This is easy to play. I have found other word search games that are difficult to collect and record the words. This game is easy to highlight and record the word.

Great Game!!

I really love this game. I wish new categories were added more frequently or have an option to erase progress in order to play again. I deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled it to wipe out my progress in order to start over.

Word search

DO NOT BUY REMOVE ADS!!!!!!!!!!! When you do, it ruins a great game, because It takes away the extended time option. You are only allowed 1 extension. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Word search

Game keeps glitching off.

Challenging and exercises the mind while having fun

I enjoy this game as it challenges me to be better than myself

One Problem

I like the puzzles and all and Especially the live one on one but what I absolutely HATE is when I have discovered a word and got the credit for it my opponent then discovers that same word and the credit is taken from me and given to the opponent. What’s going on people, why is this so??? Please FIX this thing man, PLEASE!!! I find the word and mark it and get the conformation ding and yet my opponent gets it a second later and it goes to them when it was my find!!! Please FIX, FIX, FIX, FIX, FIX!!!!!!!!

Ok...I guess.

I got this game for the head to head word search feature but it always pairs me up with people who are on WAY higher levels than me so I don't even have a chance to level up very much which is really disappointing... But besides that, the individual word searches are nice no complaints about that.


I have asked to have ads removed four times today — I hope i was not billed $8.00 because I still have the ads! 😣

Very fun

I really enjoy playing against other players online 👍

Love the app but major problem! 😒

Let me just say that this is hands down the best "FREE" game I've ever had. I'm so addicted and I absolutely love playing it all day everyday. I would've given it 5 stars if there wasn't this problem of it saying that my connection was lost when I have all bars and a great connection or it switching the puzzle right in the middle; which in turns makes it say that I lost when I was winning. It's the weirdest thing and it irks me like no other. Other than that, the game is great. Just please please fix this because it makes my number of games lost go up and my percentage of winning streak go down. Ughh... I'm too competitive for that! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤷🏾‍♀️


This game used to be fun but it has to many ads and bugs it’s annoying. Also every time I go to hit a word it counts as mine then the other person gets it come on fix it or I’ll just delete it smfh not satisfied at all

I don’t know

I don’t like how there’s a timer in the game that is why I rated it four stars


Great game, I love how challenging it gets on progression mode. BUT the ads that say “watch a video for more time” & “watch a video for 3 more hints” never work. You watch the video & then a white screen pops up & you can’t close it. Have to restart the app & you don’t get the extra time or hints.

Word Search

Takes too long to get through the levels in order to collect keys. Gets BORING!!!!!

Word search

Terrible, I hate it too hard Sorry

Best word search ever

I give it👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️💜💓I like how you can compete with others If you win you go up a level


I really like this app and I play it all the time. I play it so much that I have already completed all the (unlocked) categories! However, after the recent update I am not able to get any keys to unlock the locked categories considering I already finished the unlocked ones. Hence, my low rating for this app.

Fun and addictive

Infinite play is relaxing. Progressive play becomes very challenging.

Love game

Love game. Just don’t like that app got deleted and when I download again it made me start all the levels over

Word search

I love how this word search gives you hints so you can find the word


Really fun and entertaining but lots and lots of adds

I like word search!!


Constantly crashing

I’m giving this app one star because I can’t even open it to play! Every time I click on it, it starts to open and almost immediately crashes right after. This is highly disappointing.


The game is pretty good but do you know what a country is? Tibet, as a PROVINCE of the People’s Republic of China, IS NOT A COUNTRY. FIX THAT RIGHT NOW! And don’t let me find any mistake like this. This happens in level 9 of category “countries”. This mistake is unforgivable.

Loads of fun

I love to play this when I need a break from my hectic schedule.

Good puzzles

The puzzles are laid out well but there are ENTIRELY TOO MANY ADS for extra time

Fun game

Love this game to play in the car. Helps to pass the time away.

Puzzle fun

Fun and challenging.


It’s a good app just too many ads

Fun game

I enjoy this game.. It’s challenging and fun and filled with exciting puzzles

would not recommend for several reasons

y’all this fool had me looking up the words zonkey, zorse, and dhole under the animal category. also the game is fine I guess except I think it kind of cheats. It gives you a word bank, but for the first few (like 5) words you find, it just adds another word in its place. Which is sneaky because you only got like 2 minutes and it just keeps adding words!!! low key gave me trust issues To further the trust issues, it asks if you want some hints and it makes you watch a Kimoji app ad and gives no hints whatsoever except that maybe you should consider personally funding Ye’s next album?! Not a helpful hint though I do love Kanye #kanye2020

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