Infinite Word Search Puzzles Отзывы пользователей


The puzzles are great, but the commercials make TV look tame in comparison.

Too many ads

Too many ads. And now it’s buggy, showing ads, but starting the puzzles. Uninstalling.

Fun Game

I’ve always bought word search books 😊 Now I can do it on my phone...couldn’t be better than that!!!

Freezes Up Constantly!

I used to enjoy doing these word searches but in the last 8 months or so it constantly freezes up! When I get done with one search, if I want to do another one, it freezes up. Pretty much a worthless app now!

Love this game until it crashes=(

This game is great until it crashes. Just when I’m almost ready to complete a puzzle in a daily game. It crashes. Then crashes again.

Great app

Makes you use your brain!

Nice game; Annoying ads

I like the game, but the ads are annoying. There is an ad after each game,

One Problem

I like the puzzles and all and Especially the live one on one but what I absolutely HATE is when I have discovered a word and got the credit for it my opponent then discovers that same word and the credit is taken from me and given to the opponent. What’s going on people, why is this so??? Please FIX this thing man, PLEASE!!! I find the word and mark it and get the conformation ding and yet my opponent gets it a second later and it goes to them when it was my find!!! Please FIX, FIX, FIX, FIX, FIX!!!!!!!! Still doing the very same things. I find a word the sound rings confirming my find and less than a second later my opponent finds the same word and the credit is TAKEN from me and gave to my opponent. I have lost count of how many games I’ve lost because of this problem. The opponent thinks he/she won fair and square but have no idea of what really happened, causing me to lose.

Not worth it

Have only done one round and will delete from iPad. For at least 4 words I was able to find the word in several places but the find was only accepted when it was in the location that the developers wanted. Maybe that is supposed to be the challenge but then it should be titled " Find The Word Location That We Want"


Fun to play but get tired of the same commercials that play way to much

Advertisements are too long

The advisement are too long.

Not happy

Same words show up time and again in puzzles. With such a huge amount of words to choose from I don’t understand why same ones are used over and over again. I’ve only been playing a little under a month and am already bored. I also paid for the ad free version and I’m still getting ads even though my payment went thru. After contacting the developers I did everything they suggested and I’m still getting ads. I emailed them again and received no reply. I have decided to try another word search app.

Word puzzle

I think you watch more adds than time playing the game.

Deleted app for second time

I like the basic concept of this game, and the tools (Highlighter, and “drawing a line” to indicate a found word) work well. But I ended up deleting this for the second time for two reasons... 1) Repetitive words... playing a series of searches in a given category, such as “Animals,” I found the same words popping up in the series. “Capybara” showed up three times in five games. With the vast array of animals in our world, you don’t need to repeat them. 2) WAY too many ads. Some I chose to watch to get the boosts in time and hints, but having chosen to watch those ads, I then have to endure yet a third pop up ad before getting to the game.

Play but wouldn’t purchase

The game is fine but I get annoyed when I chose a theme for a puzzle and then the words don’t make since with the theme, for example I chose country it had a picture of the United States so you would think words like flag, freedom or bald eagle would be in there and it did have some words that fit the theme but what the heck does Kate Bush have to do with the theme at least put Barbara Bush. It’s not just that theme either all the puzzles and things I haven’t heard of like

Not enough time

Wish there was more time to complete the puzzle. All those advertisements for other games are annoying.

Worst app ever

App continuously shuts down, and you loose what you were working on. Bought the "add free" option, and still got ads. Do Not Load this app on your device!!!!! If no stars was an option I would have chosen it!

the worst

i downloaded it just so write this, they make rip of ads that show you that you can tap and play a demo but it just brings you to the download. not to mention the x button in the corner is a fake and also brings you to the download 👎🏻

Bad ads

This ad kept popping up on another game I played. Every time I try to close the ad it takes me to the a store. So irritating.

I don’t

Think it’s fair you keep adding word as I find them. Plus they should be alphabetical

Luv it!

Luv this game! Fun to play! Takes the mind off of things and gets you to focus!


The commercials in this app are disgusting and degrading to women.


Some of the ways you spelled these words are wrong, you should really fix that.


You can’t turn the timer off no matter how many times you click off


Fun and relaxing game

So not fair

The game is ok but it would be better if you could pair with people your level cause I’m level 4 and I went against someone level 228 and he beat me and the stupid game should be fair gosh FIX IT NOW!


Paid for no ads: and have to wait 30 seconds each time my time expires and have to watch a 30 second add. Don’t waste your money!!!

Very annoying!!!!!

Decent game with decent quality and probably worth four stars if it wasn’t SO annoying! I understand an app including ads to improve its revenue stream and even semi-competent ones have the option to pay to remove them as this one does. However, when you start playing a level/puzzle, you can get additional play time by watching an ad. If you run out of time, you can continue playing that level/puzzle by watching an ad as well. Fair enough except for the fact that you see THE SAME FRIGGIN AD EVERY TIME!!!!! I will NEVER download Homescapes because I am so sick of seeing the same lame ad for it. i have completed all thirty levels of all of the current categories and have seen that ad enough times to make a politician go honest. I probably should contact the Homescapes developer to let them know how this app is so enthusiastically pushing users to download their app. To be completely honest, maybe as much as one out of two hundred times, I would get an ad for a solitaire game.


A good way to help time pass on the MTA subway.


don’t get.

Really like it!

I really like this game as I love word searches. I don’t mind a few ads...but I do find that this game seems to have an overwhelming number of ads and they are annoying. I like a challenge as well but, on the timed ones, I feel like the harder ones are set at an unrealistic time so that you have to watch a few adds to extend the time. Other than that, I like the variety of topics and number of searches under each topic.

Business Module Based on Ads

The game itself would be enjoyable if it weren't for the advertisements.

Love it

Different levels. Not difficult to swipe the letters like some other word search apps

Very fun but...

A few of the challenges request you find, for example, 25 words that start with the letter y. I can play off and on all day, in differing categories, and never get more than 4 or 5 words. That is too frustrating for me. So, I have to refresh the challenges without completion. Not a huge deal but frustrating to a person with a compulsive personality.

Remove “Timed Play”

I do like this app, however I wish there was a setting where I can turn off the time limit. I just want to find the words, I don’t want to be rushed to find the words. It should be an option to have time or not have time.

Good game!😉

I love this game but it has a few minor flaws.

Ads are too long

Enjoy the game but the ads you have to watch take forever.

It’s fun

It’s fun to play. I like all the levels and categories. I just hate having to wait through all the ads. And there’s an ad every 2 minutes. Be prepared to wait a lot.

More categories

Wish there was more. I finished all categories.


Keeps me busy when bored. Challenges are on point. Playing with friends are funny & energetic.


Best game to play. I’m so addictive to this game. I play this game for hours.🤩💖


Love this game! Cant put it down to get anything done 🤪😜

Remove ads does not work

Game is pretty fun for word search game but as other people have noted if you purchase ad free version it doesn't work. It charges you then comes up with "unable to validate purchase. CODE : invld

Dana Dane With Fame

Love Love Love This Game.

3 stars

Wayyy too many ads.

Great Game

Fun to play easy to stop and then go back a few days later

Awesome relaxing game

Love it

Good but…

I give the sap more stars if the daily challenges weren’t usually in one of the following categories: impossible unless I played all day; food; art; 90s. They really love the 90s.

Near Senior

I love to play this game on the timed challenge option. But sometimes after playing it for awhile it seems to lock up somehow, and prevents me from progressing to the next level. THAT I DO NOT LIKE, other than that, this game is a lot t of fun and challenging.

Great Game With One Small Problem

this game is great, but i have one small problem with it. sometimes when i’m playing the quick match option, i get a word, and it suddenly changes to the other side’s color, and they get it. this has costed me several losses, and it’s not too big of a deal, but it’s still pretty annoying. otherwise, the game is highly addictive and i love it!

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