Infinite Word Search Puzzles Отзывы пользователей

Love crosswords

Love it!!!

Saved my life

Bruh, I was on the verge of loosing my house, job and wife until I downloaded this game. Totally changed my life, I owe everything to to infinite word search. If you’re going through a hard time just play this game and all your problems will be solved; put that on my momma.


This app would be fun, but it crashes constantly!


UPDATE: I wanted to give this game another try to see if the Developers updated anything on their game, so I purchased to have the ads removed and it worked well for a month. Now as of yesterday the ads are coming back and the game also asks me to watch a video for extra time. If I purchased to have ads removed I SHOULD NOT get any ads or being asked to watch a video. Take the ads off or REFUND MY MONEY AT ONCE! I did a screenshot showing evidence that I did purchase to have ads removed that I surely can provide. FIRST REVIEW: Terrible game!!! When time runs out and you click on continue to play or next to go on to the next word search you have to watch a video. I watch the video and after the video ends it goes to a all white screen. You cannot do anything but close out. This happens everytime. Very frustrating and not a good at all! If you want people to use your app and play it then fix it!

Great searching

This game provides for a great opportunity to push my ability to seek and find the many words in the puzzles. The only thing that I would suggest would be that more words be added to each theme as the puzzles get bigger instead of just using the same words from the smaller puzzles.

Please Fix The Stability

It has the potential of being a really great game but the stability makes you want to throw it up against the wall. It goes through frequent automatic restarts, improper scoring, and it sometimes ends the game before it’s over. It needs a lot of work.


Love this app!! Challenging enough to stay intrigued without having to buy a ton of in app purchases! Well done!

Fun app

I like the word searches. Each search category has been well thought out in terms of the word list. My only gripe is that it would be nice to play against the computer since most opponents drop out after one or two games if they’re not winning. Overall, a very nice app and fun to play.

Love this!!

I love this app, great variety in the puzzles. I do wish the daily challenge changed more. It seems to be the same a lot of the time.


I like word search games, both on the iPad and on paper, but It would be nice if the designers put some time into testing their apps. Mine crashes every time I try to watch the movie for the free eraser. It also crashes whenever I try to rate the app inside the menu. A delete of the app and reload had the same affect. This could be nice, but there are better.

Ads are unbearable

I just want a simple word search app and this isn’t it. You are forced to watch videos for about every minute or two of game play. Deleting this now.

Completed All Catrgories

Where can I find more?


I think this could be a great game, but t every time I try to play it freezes as I am finding the words. So annoying.

Fun game to play

I enjoy do word search. The neg about game, is when you challenge people they can be really high ranked not making it fun for either party’s playing.

Daily challenges

I haven’t had the game long but have always loved word searches and do enjoy this game. I echo what everyone else has said about all the ads but my biggest frustration is that I have never been able to “open” the daily challenges. I get to the pop up where it shows me what the 3 challenges of the day ARE but I can’t click on them to open them. The only thing that moves for me on that pop up is the reset challenges feature. But even then I can’t play the challenges. Clicking on them doesn’t do anything. Tried restarting my phone thinking it was s phone glitch but nothing. Frustrating.

Crash probs on iPad

Love the game, but crashes frequently on iPad with latest iOS update. Additionally, videos for boosts lead to freeze, require hard exit. Glitchy enough to make play tedious. Let me know when you fix it and I'll come back.

Lots of fun, but...

Why was “Somali” a searchable word in the Animal category?


Finally saw word Israel raised my rating

This game is terrible.

It gets you mad becuz u face bots when u go on quick match and even lvl one can beat you and they get every word within 30 seconds. DONT GET THIS GAME!

Timer running during ads!!!!!!!!!!

Please fix this!!! The ads running during the infinite puzzles are getting ridiculous at this point! It’s gotten so bad that I can’t close the ad, I have to either close the game completely or constantly tap the X in the corner until it finally closes. Meanwhile, I get to my puzzle and THIRTY-FIVE seconds have gone by. This is annoying.

Fun, but bugs

Really fun game, but so many bugs I cant play on my iPad. It continuously closes during play.

Okay game but

The game is okay since it’s free to play but there are no directions to explain how to play the daily challenge. Numerous times I haven’t been able to find the topic it’s asking for and I have know idea what progressive means. Also, it’s boring to find the same words over and over in one particular category. How many times do I have to find the word broccoli? There’s so many foods in this world.

Infinite word Search

I had this game before for awhile it was deleted. When I had it the first time there was no problems. I brought it back because I liked it but now I'm having problems with it staying on. It will shut off right away and when I did get in it wasn't for long. I wish I had never deleted it but for various reasons I had to delete. I'm hoping you can fix this.

Enjoying playing

But crashing during/after the ads. As annoying as ads are, it's even worse when you can't continue the game without closing the app and starting over.

Too many ads and cannot get timer to go off!

So frustrating! An ad for another game between each puzzle!

Room to grow

I like it especially the friend challenge, but it has some bugs. It has froze and allowed me to continue after the timer ends, it creates white space if I’m highlighting a word when the timer goes out (I see it after watching the add to continue); and currently, some games I have to complete twice due to a malfunction, and currently I’m having to start all the way over after finishing several genres due to it freezing. When I deleted the app and downloaded again... all gone. 😡😩😭

Love it, but the ads won’t let me exit out

The ads show an X to exit, but it won’t let me exit it without completely closing the app. Just thought I’d share in case anyone else is having the same issue!!

Frequent crash

Fun app! Problems-crashes after viewing videos frequently so that you have to restart the app... also has funny math-25 highlighters from daily challenge actually = 5... so sad....


Love this game, but so often I will find and highlight a word and it will not take. Before I can redo it, my opponent gets the word! This seems to be happening more and more frequently. It is very frustrating. *Update* It just happened again!!! I highlighted a word, it turned my color, made the little “ding” sound to show I got it and then promptly turned my opponent’s color!!! This really needs to be fixed. I’m about ready to quit playing altogether. ***Update: Just happened four times in three minutes! I highlighted the word, it disappeared, my opponent got the word. I’m done.

Too many ads

Expect an after every game played with a small x that you have to look for in order to get back to your game.

Not great

I only did the tutorial puzzle, but found the app displaying words found with multi-color strips is very distracting to my way of doing word searches.

Fun short games

Took off 1 star bc sometimes game ends and I get a loss before puzzle even shows up.



Videos don’t return to game

I love this game, but it gets nearly impossible to find words after level 20 in challenges without the extra time. I watch the video and then it won’t return to the game it goes to a blank screen and I have to close the app and reopen. Can this be fixed?

Fun, but the ADS!

This is a fun game. I love word search puzzles! However, there are so many ads, it gives me a headache!!! There’s an ad after each time the timer is up, and ads in order to get an extra 30 seconds and to get highlighters. If there’s a way they can eliminate some ads, I would play it more often but the ads irritate me too bad to sit there and play it for long periods of time.

I like the game

I like how you can do time levels and non timed levels. But I wish you could add more time on the timed levels. Because on the animals level (23) I have been on that level for ever because of the time. Just make it a minute longer or 2. Please. But I do love the game. I play on road trips and even when I am traveling.

Needs working on

Okay so I’m running to this issue on some apps and well yours too. I was wondering when y’all will come out with the iPhone X full screen compatibility. All I see is too big notches on top and bottom looking like iPhone 8

Fix player invite

Ok game but player invite doesn’t work! I was sitting next to the player I invited and it did not go through

Good app but errors

I really like this game but I have found that there are time when I have found a word and all of sudden, it will change it to the opponent finding it and I end up losing. It gets frustrating when it’s been a few seconds and all of a sudden it changes.

Daily puzzles

It won’t let me select one of the daily challenges. So the game will be deleted and such will be shared with others. So won’t be playing ever again. Bye bye now

Loud ads when app is on mute

Please stop the ads whose sound overrides the mute button. It’s a ridiculous overstep.

Fun but frustrating

I love doing word search. I am frustrated because it never works when you try to watch a video. It either shuts the app completely or just does not work. You can't do the daily challenges without this capability.

It was fun at first, but...

The app kept crashing either as soon as it loaded or as soon as I tried to play something. Yesterday when I first downloaded it, it worked fairly well although it was a bit slow, but today, it hasn't worked at all.

Need more categories!

Please, please, PLEASE...add more categories! I’ve almost finished all of the timed games and I need more! Great game and it would definitely be 5 stars if there were more categories!!!!!

Love it

I have tried as many of the word search apps from the App Store site I could find and this version is by far my favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing some new categories!


This is a very fun game and i play it a lot but its kind of a scam, like it'll increase the words u have to find and how many letters there are but not the time. Im assuming so you will watch videos for more time, which gives them more money haha.

Great App

This is a very good app to pass the time away and very addicting would recommend getting if you love word searches

Too many bugs! Conversion needs to address these issues!

9/5/2017 This game constantly shuts down in the middle of playing. Very frustrating. I paid for the ad-free version way too soon. I have had nothing but problems with this game. It has potential but needs to be revamped by its creator. 11/11/2017 Here it is over 2 months later & the app still crashes mid-game. And almost every time an ad plays, the game shuts down. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED that these issues still have not been addressed. 12/9/2017 Well... I am finally giving up on this game & will boycott any future games developed by Conversion. If they ever fix the bugs, they should extend the courtesy of notifying the gamers who wasted their time & money on this game.


I love this game I’m constantly playing it but I wish it was on Android because my mom and brother would go berserk for this

Crashes too much

Fun game when it works, but crashes a LOT

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