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Well... I really wanted to like this game, but the bugs and unresponsive/touchy controls kill this game. The online play could be fun, but you’re often times at the mercy of horrible lag, and the matchmaking pairs you with no one near your ranking. Fun concept, but horrible execution.

Misleading Ad

It’s just a plain word search not like the ad shows. Ad shows a scrolling word search. Lame tactics deleted it already.

Bothering commercials

A lot of commercials. Got too annoyed with all of the advertising and about to delete the game


When I saw a game on Facebook I decided to download it this is not the game that was advertised

False advertising

Wish I could give zero stars! Not the game that was on the ad!!!


it starts off with forcing you to do a timed game which gave me bad anxiety from not being able to complete it in time and then also forced me to use a "highlight" which was totally stupid because I didn't want to waste one.

Do not download!!

Too many ads. Turning off timers doesn’t work. You say no to videos and they automatically put up an ad immediately right after that. Then every ad is 30 seconds long like really brah

Fun to play but ads are insane

I enjoy playing the word searches but I have never played a game with SO MANY ads! It seems like they are constant and I genuinely feel upset that I cant get those minutes of my life back. Im going to have to delete this and find something I dont have to pay to remove these extremely incessant ads.

Word search freezing

I like this app but you can only play a few times and then it freezes. It will also freeze when it shows an ad. Today it has been froze for four hours.

Won't highlight

I just got this game today and it will not let me highlight all the words on the list so I am not able to complete a puzzle.


Fun and entertaining with the themes available. The only irritating thing is highlighting EXACTLY just the word...I’ve timed out due to my fat fingertips, I guess.

Funny improvements!

I've written a 1 star review on this app once before, but it seems to have improved significant! I am extremely impressed by all the improvements. The ability to try for those extra moves, when the game should have ended, makes me feel less scammed and taken advantage of. Not to mention, all the new side games and balloons with all these special features. I play almost daily now. Thanks for listening.

More Ads than Puzzles!

No thanks.

Misleading advertisement

I downloaded this game, because the advertisement showed the letter boards scrolling over the screen while you are trying to find the words. Not sure how to explain it, but basically like the credits at the end of a movie. It looked fun, but now it’s just another static word finding game. Boring. I don’t like it. And sooo many ads in the game. Annoying.

What a challenge!

I love the challenge with speed, but how much I’m learning about topics I didn’t know about until I began playing this game.


This word find puzzle keeps me occupied nicely! Definitely my go to when I’m bored!

Nothing like the advertisement

The add shows a scrolling word search but the app doesn’t scroll. Also the app doesn’t let you turn off the timer.

Not like advertised

The ad makes it seem like the screen scrolls up and you find words. It’s not. It’s static and just like regular word searches. I deleted the ap bc I was misled. Even One free wordsearch like that an hour or whatever would have made me see what it was like. We could “earn” coins or something for new one. BUT from beginning it is Not like the ad.

What’s used to lure customers is not what you get!

I downloaded this one because I loved the scroll effect. In the small video, you see lines of letters scrolling upwards and you have to catch the words before they’re lost. That’s not what you get. What you end up getting is something that gets boring rather fast! And what the heck are those markers for? I only want words and I don’t want to compete with other people! What’s wrong with just buying a game for what you think you’re getting?

Too many ads

It would be a lot more fun if not for the inordinate numbers of ads that interrupt the play.

False advertising

The advertisement for this showed a continual column coming down and you finding as many words as you could. So I downloaded the app and that’s not what this is. This is a basic search a word. If you like that that’s great. But it’s boring to me and not what I thought. Waste of time downloading.

More categories

Guess I need a life! I purchased this game and have mastered all “progressive” mode in every category- please add more!


basically all ads. rips off tapjoy users. the tapjoy offer was to finish the animals section which was made impossible by the ridiculous time constraint and the app crashing after ads meaning after about 20 levels i could no longer make progress, making the tapjoy offer impossible, thus wasting my time

Bad advertising

I only downloaded this based on the ads thinking that it would be a new kind of word search. Don’t be fooled, you can buy better ones at a garage sale. Doesn’t play as advertised, be warned.

Good but

Good Game but way too many adds. If you can deal with adds then sure otherwise there are better games out there if this kind without ads.

Paid version has Ads!!

I purchased the paid version and it still forces me to watch ads that I cannot skip! Why do I need to watch 30 second ads if I got the paid version?

This game is great!!!

I loved this game from the instant I got it. The word searches are super fun, there are SO many categories to decide from; it’s like a brain exercise AND a fun game! I love that you get to chooose a new category to unlock every time you finish a category. This game is so awesome!❤️❤️❤️

Not the game in Ads

Their ad shows a very different approach to the game than what you actually get to do as a new player.

Word Find

Paid to remove ads but for the next puzzle, the remove ads covered one of the words. What a scam if you have to pay to remove ads for each puzzle!! Not very impressed with a game that you have to keep paying to get a second chance!!

To many commercials

This is a great game unfortunately there way too many commercials or ads that really drag my battery down sometimes I have to watch at least three commercials before I can play one game.

Passes time

This app passes time when I’m bored but I really wish it would stop giving the same words over and over. There’s hundreds of different animals and I swear I’m searching for “ant” on 50% of the animal puzzles. Ick

Not as advertised.

I downloaded this game because I saw a promo in an ad on another game I play. It showed the ‘word search’ scrolling upward and the ‘player’ highlighting a word or two per line. Goal was to find as many words as possible by the end of the scroll. There was no going back. It scrolled faster as it went. And once the row disappeared in the top of the screen, it was gone. THAT looks fun. This is just ‘word search’ which is fun. But been done. I want the play as advertised. Deleted app after 5 minutes.



Companies need to stop with the click bait!

I downloaded this game because I thought was gonna be like the ad I watched where you had to see how many words you can find while the screen moves!!!! Nope m, coming from a developer like myself this is not cool!!!

Scam for money.

Missed the time limit on one puzzle after completing 12 rounds and got locked out. With no “key” I was required to pay to continue......DELETE this game. To many others out there.

Awesome 👏 app

Awesome app enjoying everything about it🤓🤓🤓🤓

False Advertising

Saw an ad for it from another game. It was different from the actual game. Don’t download. They lie in the ad just to get you to download it. Waste of space.

Too many commercials

Like the game but there is a commercial after almost every level. It’s annoying.

Nothing like the ad. Disappointed.

Just a regular word search game. Nothing special and not the game advertised. False advertising.

Awesome if....

You’re some kinda Mensa member who can solve a puzzle in 10 seconds. If not, you're forced to sit for each add to bore you to tears. Not to mention, same words in different areas in every puzzle...I mean, how many times to I have to find Jolie or Anniston or an all time fav...Tina Fey. Dropping game unless I’m suicidal and want to bore myself to death.

Infinite Word Search Review

It’s really fun and easy. Select a category and pick select either Infinite or Progression and play. Get it now!

Love this app

This app keeps me busy more than I want! It’s addictive!!

Time Flys By

This game definitely makes the time fly!! Love it!!

App crashes

The app continually crashes in the middle of a round, causing one to lose the progress. This is especially true after certain ads appear.

Good but frustrating

Was my favorite game I have 10+ categories completed but repeatedly now I have pressed existing progress and lost completion of multiple categories. Done playing.


App won’t stop force closing. Have been playing for weeks, now haven’t played in days.

False advertising...

I was interested in the game that was scrolling and you found words as a jumble of letters scrolled up. Not just a standard word search.... there’s nothing special about this.


I love this game! But I hate the timer. I hate having to rush to find the words.

False Advertising

The game is fun, and the ads really aren’t bad at all. But I downloaded the game based on an ad showing a scrolling jumble that you had to pick words out of before they left the screen. That seemed so fun and original! Have no doubt, the only game mode in this app is a stationary, standard WordSearch board.

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